The Best Christmas Gift

ChristmasHello loves,

Christmas is almost here and it’s actually great that it brings together people across the whole world. For Christians it offers an opportunity for self reflection and preparedness to welcome Christ into our hearts and lives.  Knowing all the ‘craziness’  that comes with shopping for this big day [25th December] , many of us tend to be overwhelmed with thoughts about how to make the day perfect! We want the perfect Christmas tree, gifts, clothes and food.

For whatever reason,  most of us tend to feel that time flies pretty fast towards Christmas.  Maybe it has to do with all the shopping and Christmas preparations. And if this is true, then we need to have that quiet time in preparation for Christ even in our busy schedule. Think of it this way, God has kept you safe this whole year. So many people have died within the year, but He has spared your life. Is it so much to spend some few minutes everyday thanking Him for everything? It’s not much right? 🙂 So let’s give God that quiet time He needs from us. Sit quietly in your room away from any distractions and begin by acknowledging that you are in His presence. Thank Him for all the people and experiences you have had this year – the good, the not-so-good. And finally tell Jesus to do in you what He wants to do and surrender to Him.  I assure you Christ will be the best Christmass present for you this time! It won’t be an ordinary Christmas anymore. You will experience something extraordinary, you will live to tell 🙂


May God keep you all safe till next time ❤ ❤  ❤


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